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This Adorably Squishy Baby Pygmy Hippo Will Make Your Entire Week

This Adorably Squishy Baby Pygmy Hippo Will Make Your Entire Week

Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo has just welcomed a brand new baby Pygmy Hippo, and the footage is going to be the brightest spot in your whole week.

Hippos turn me to mush at the best of times — to be honest so does any animal that’s round and wobbly — but the smallest of the smallest species of hippos? Forget about it, I’ll be here on this video all day.

Born earlier in October to mum Cleopatra (amazing name for a hippo, if you ask me, and she’s obviously called Cleo for short), he came out weighing 13 pounds (nearly six kilos) and on the last Facebook update has packed it on up to 20 pounds (just over nine kilos). More importantly, look how chill, and cute, and smooshy he is.

Pygmy hippos are an endangered species, native to the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, and Liberia.

Add that to the fact Mama Cleo had a bit of trouble giving birth over the last few years, and everyone is pretty stoked. “The birth was a joyous moment marking the culmination of years of work, careful planning, and dedication by the animal care and veterinary teams,” the zoo’s press release said.

“The calf was immediately so bright, strong, and aware, and was holding his head up right away. The calf was introduced to Cleo soon after birth and was nursing within a few hours,”Zoo New England Vice President of Animal Health and Conservation Dr. Eric Baitchman said in the release.

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Just look at him during tub time! I. Simply. Cannot. Even.

That’s it, that’s the whole story because I am lost in those big cartoon eyes. Now go back and rewatch the video, you’re welcome.

(Lead Image: YouTube / Franklin Park Zoo)

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