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Australia’s “Most Instagrammable Bar” Is Awful But Also Kind Of Brilliant

Australia’s “Most Instagrammable Bar” Is Awful But Also Kind Of Brilliant

The Tinsel Bar Is "Australia's Most Instagrammable Bar", Apparently

Australia has a long list of Instagrammable wonders — Whitehaven Beach, The Pink Lakes in Victoria, The Great Barrier Reef — but now there’s a new addition to the list. The Tinsel Bar in South Brisbane is being hailed as “Australia’s most Instagrammable bar”, but we, um, have some questions.

The Tinsel Bar does what it says on the label: the walls are covered in bright, sparkling tinsel. Tinsel curtains hang from the ceiling. The ground glitters with the sparkly wreckage from above.


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It’s the brainchild of restaurateur Maris Cook, who wanted to cretae a bar that gave everyone who entered a fun, nostalgic experience.


The childhood fever dream vibe extends to the menu as well, which has got pretty much everything you’d find at your school canteen: fairy cupcakes, Pop Rocks and toasties to eat, as well as boozy milkshakes and cocktails made with Cottee’s Cordial to drink.

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The Tinsel Bar is open on Friday and Saturday nights, and on weekdays it turns into The Tinsel Deli. It’s a sight to behold, and the technicolour fever dream decorations will definitely give your Insta pics a tinsel-tinted glow-up.

But Australia’s most Instagrammable bar? That’s between you and your maker.

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