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These Are The Most Annoying Things Travellers Do On The Road

These Are The Most Annoying Things Travellers Do On The Road

5 Habits Of Annoying Travellers You'll Meet Around The World

Even at the best of times, people can be annoying. But our chaotic energy seems to be heightened when we travel — so much so that online travel agent Agoda commissioned a study to reveal the most irksome things travellers do on the road. And hoo boy, did they unearth some juicy ones.

The Annoying Travel Habits survey questioned almost 10,400 travellers who had been on holiday at least once in the past year. Responses varied between countries, but tourists who speak too loudly took out the crown.

57 percent of people surveyed said that noisy travellers are their biggest pet peeve, followed closely by tourists who are glued to their phones at 47 percent and those who are insensitive to cultural nuances at 46 percent.


Mass tour groups and prolific selfie-takers round out the top five, collection 36 percent and 21 percent of the votes respectively.

A whole heap of Australians took part in the survey, and we pretty much agreed with the global results. Noisy travellers are the most annoying travellers in our eyes, with 56 percent voting against the people who obviously forgot their Kindy teacher telling them to use their “indoor voices”. Culturally insensitive tourists are right behind them at 54 percent, and 52 percent of Aussies dislike tourists who overuse their phones.

But what should Australians do make sure we’re not the annoying ones abroad? If you’re going to the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand or China: use your indoor voice.

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If you’re jetting off to Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines, don’t be insensitive to cultural nuances (this is evergreen advice for anywhere in the world, really). And if you’re holidaying in Vietnam or Indonesia, go easy on your phone time.

Check out the full details of the survey here, and thank us later.

(Lead image: Hean Prinsloo / Unsplash)

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