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These Travellers Recreated Homer Simpson’s Epic New Orleans Food Tour

These Travellers Recreated Homer Simpson’s Epic New Orleans Food Tour

These Women Recreated 'The Simpsons' Epic New Orleans' Food Tour

Homer Simpson and food go together like cats and TikTok. It’s just a match that 👏 gets 👏 stuff 👏 done. So we were delighted, but not surprised, when Homer took us on a food tour of New Orleans’ iconic restaurants. And now, two brilliant and hangry tourists have recreated his journey shot-for-shot.

When Homer and Lisa went to New Orleans, they ate at a staggering 32 diners. Homer devoured crawfish, bisque, crab cakes and eight different po-boys.


He ate lamb tagine at Jamilia’s, catfish almondine at Mulate’s, smoky bacon greens at Katie’s and pecan pie at Palm Court. The list goes on.

It’s an epic scene, and one of the only good moments from the new Simpsons seasons (fight me). And now two Swiss travellers who “love the Simpsons as much as they love New Orleans” have recreated it shot-for-shot.


Their video is, in a word, incredible. For one, they’ve managed to recreate the weird angles and outrageous movements of the animated show. They’re even dressed like Homer and Lisa. For another: they ate a lot of food.

It’s undeniable proof that we, too, can live and eat like the man who once ate 64 slices of American cheese in one sitting. If you can dream it, you can eat it.

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Think you could handle this food tour?

(Lead image: Katrin von Niederhäusern / YouTube)

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