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Heaven Is This New Fireball Whiskey Donut From ‘Donut Papi’

Heaven Is This New Fireball Whiskey Donut From ‘Donut Papi’

When it comes to donuts, I am something of a snob. I love them, but only when they have enough flair to impress me (ie. nothing you’ll find in your local shopping centre). So when I’m telling you I just had a ridiculously delicious donut, you can trust that it’s being rated to a high standard.

But you guys, I just tasted A RIDICULOUSLY DELISH DONUT. Fireball Whisky joined forces with Sydney‘s handmade donut champs, Donut Papi, to create the ‘Fire in the Hole’ donut.

I’m talking butterscotch and whisky infused glaze and a pure Fireball icing. You can definitely taste the fireball, but not the point of it being overwhelming, butterscotch is still the winning flavour. Which, to me, is exactly how it should be.

This is obviously not me, but it’s still an accurate depiction of me eating this donut.

In the centre you have a red cinnamon crumbed donut ball which is spiced with nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon and apple chunks that have been soaked overnight in Fireball whisky. It’s then topped off with a spiced apple Fireball glaze. I’m going to be honest here, I couldn’t taste the apple. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious and I enjoyed it, but I was surprised to find there was meant to be apple. Maybe it’s just my unsophisticated palette.

The whole donut is finished off with little pipe of Fireball stuck into the donut hole which I absolutely didn’t shot because I’m at work and I’m a professional (I’m lying, I absolutely took the shot).

My overall snobby donut rating? About an eight and a half out of 10. Also a 10 out of 10 for the presentation, which let’s be real, is half the fun of baked goods.

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If you’re anything like me and you’re now absolutely ready to give the ‘Fire in the Hole’ donut a red hot go, then I’m sorry for the early hype but you’ll have to wait until September 4. Suckers.

But From then on it’ll be available for two weeks only from Donut Papi, Surly’s American Tavern, The Big Easy and Hustle & Flow Barfood for $8.50.

(All Images: Provided / Fireball Whisky)

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