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These Pop-Up Pod Hotels Are Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Flick

These Pop-Up Pod Hotels Are Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Flick

Tetra Hotel

The very first pod hotel opened up in Osaka, Japan back in 1979, and since then the cute little stays have certainly made noise in the accommodation space. They’re resourceful, eco-friendly and best of all, cheap as chips.


Forget everything you knew about pod hotels though, because Tetra Hotel, a new concept from engineering firm WPS is here to shake things up.


The concept is 42 freestanding, futuristic concrete pods, positioned in some of the world’s most magnificent and remote locations. Hotel rooms are so yesterday, at Tetra Hotel guests stay in multi-story, 20m tall triangular pods.

Tetra Hotel

The top floor comes kitted out with an enormous skylight with a bed directly underneath. Below the bedroom is a bathroom with a shower, the level below acts as a living room to hang out in and at the very bottom is an office should you need to get some work done while on vacay.

Tetra Hotel

Apart from the incredible architecture, Tetra Hotel’s greatest feature has to be the completely glass-encased common areas. The space boasts incredible floor-to-ceiling windows and is designed to house bars and restaurants, which will of course offer uninterrupted views of whatever landscape the pod finds itself in.

Tetra Hotel

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So locations are yet to be revealed, but places Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal and the UK are all being considered. Best of all, the pods are designed to be built in remote places using local materials, and the structure will be a carbon neutral with an emphasis on sustainability.

The first location will be revealed later this year, so be sure to stay tuned.

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