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This Luxe Hotel In The Barossa Valley Legit Feels Like You’ve Stepped Into Southern France

This Luxe Hotel In The Barossa Valley Legit Feels Like You’ve Stepped Into Southern France

Barossa Valley may be famous for its wine, and it should be —  the smaller wineries like Smallfry and Tscharke are absolute gems, and of course larger wineries like Peter Lehmann and Jacob’s Creek are known for a reason — but there’s more here than I realised.

What I didn’t know before arriving in the Barossa, was the beauty of the area, or the influence of Germany on the names and building styles of the region. What I expected even less, was to walk into a little French haven.

On the day I arrive at luxury accomodation, Le Mas, in the Barossa, the air is balmy. It’s a delightfully warm day and I’ve already had a few wine tastings, ready for a little siesta.

Driving on the long gravel driveway lined by lush green trees, the adorable cottage slowly opens into view. I say cottage, but it’s a fairly large building, but not so large as to loose its intimacy.

I’m greeted by Martine as I park the car, who then shows me around the property and to my room. A little later on, owner Geraldine joins us, and I’m truly struck by how kind everyone here is. Think of the fanciest Bed & Breakfast you can, then add hosts who actually enjoy having a chat with you, but know when to let you chill.

When I say fanciest, let me tell you this is my dream decor: leather couches, reading rooms, wicker dining chairs and a pristine open bathroom with a giant tub that I’d love to take home with me, thank you very much.

Out the back, there’s a gravel courtyard — the type of fancy orange gravel you really only see in Europe — a rolling grassy yard which features a little hedge maze (or a parterre) and slowly opens up onto the untouched Aussie bush and a mineral water pool (none of that chlorine nonsense here). Surrounding the property are, of course, the vineyards.

Obviously, I spent my afternoon with a book in the pool, listening to the kookaburras as the sun went down. I took a quick dinner break at the Barossa Valley Brewery, but came right back to an AMAZING cheese plate with delicious Grenache wine from Le Mas’ own vineyard back at the hotel’s courtyard.

BYO-ed the book though, shout out Robin Hobb.

I spent my night in the giant bathtub — I think you’re sensing my theme for being lazy in bodies of water. I’m not sorry. This was literally me:


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When I woke up in the morning the rain was pouring down, but to be honest it just kind of added to the mood. A bunch of ducks were waddling around the lush, grassy field as I sat down to breakfast and the smell of freshly baked croissants.

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It’s no secret that I will die defending breakfast as the best meal of the day, especially if breakfast is brunch. So you know it means a lot when I say that I feel like I died and went to brekkie heaven at Le Mas.

I walked in to the dining room early (because I had to hit the road, but I strongly recommend a long sleep in so you can enjoy those luxe beds) to the smells of freshly baked croissants that the absolutely lovely Marie-France had spent her morning preparing.

My table was set up, all ready for me with about everything you could want: yogurt, fresh fruit (including LEGIT the best cherries I’ve ever eaten), baked goods, spreads, tea and more. Marie-France also cooked the tastiest omelette ever and brought it over for me.

I took this before all the food was out, then devoured it all before I remembered to take another…

The food was almost as delightful as Marie-France herself. A Barossa local now, but her strong French accent never left (and apparently neither did her strong French cooking skills). Breakfast is all the better for her friendly banter and her love of meeting new travellers as they pass through. Same, girl, same.

I leave refreshed, relaxed and incredibly full (with a little bag of treats for the road). My only regret from my time here, and in the Barossa in general TBH, is not staying for longer. Like, way longer.

More Details

Address: 1929 Barossa Valley Way, Rowland Flat SA 5352
Price: From $700 a night

(Lead Image: Provided / Le Mas, Barossa Valley)

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