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You Can Now Use Instagram To Book Your Next Dinner Date

You Can Now Use Instagram To Book Your Next Dinner Date


The food envy you get when scrolling through your Instagram feed and spy a bowl of ramen or a burger that totally has your name on it can be all too real. You want it in your belly but alas, it’s stuck inside your phone.


But hold everything. Instagram has just released a new feature that allows you to book a restaurant reservation or order home delivery without ever leaving the app.

Here’s how it works. Simply scroll through your feed for some food inspo, find something you fancy, then visit that business’s page. If you see the options “start order” or “reserve” you’re on to a winner.

Now the service is in partnership with OpenTable, Yelp, ChowNow, Eatstreet, GrubHub and a bunch of other platforms, so if you’ve got an account set up with the service your selected restaurant uses, payment will be a breeze. When everything’s done, close the window and you’re straight back to scrolling.

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The photo sharing app says that more than 200 million daily users visit an Instagram business profile every day, while more than 150 million have an Instagram Direct conversation with a business in a month.

“As more people continue to interact with businesses on Instagram and take action when inspiration strikes, we’re making it easier to turn that discovery into action,” Instagram said in a blog post announcing the new feature.

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Other businesses have been tapping into this feature too. You can book fitness classes, buy movie tickets and book a hair appointment at some places.

Sourcing delicious local eats and experiences while on holidays has never been easier.

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