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Spend The Night In A Covered Wagon In The Heart Of The Rockies

Spend The Night In A Covered Wagon In The Heart Of The Rockies

There are some places in the world where you assume time has stood still – nothing has changed over the decades, technology hasn’t overtaken every part of life and there’s still a sense of tradition running through everything.

From the outside, the Conestoga Ranch in Utah seems like one of those places.


Those wagons just ooze a sense of old timey ambiance with their 19th century design and country-side setting. You can almost imagine an Amish family wandering through the fields and setting up camp nearby.

What you’ll soon realise, though, is the Conestoga Ranch is anything but dated – right beside those retro wagons is the recreational haven of Bear Lake, a beautiful blue lagoon right in the heart of the Rockies.


The turquoise-waters of Bear Lake straddle the Utah-Idaho border, with the Conestoga Range sitting right beside it. Sandy white beaches border the lake where you can sail, fish, jet-ski and bathe ‘yil your heart’s content.


After a fun-filled day, settle in by the communal campground or wander over to the Campfire Grill for some delicious dining.

You’ll truly get the best of both worlds at this beautifully bespoke campground setting where old-fashion wagons are unique hotel rooms resting right beside the vast waters of Bear Lake. The wagons are fit for couples and families with bunks available on request.


A night in one of Conestoga’s luxury wagons will set you back around $115USD a night. Grab your bonnet and long-johns and make this a truly authentic night out.

(All images: Conestoga Ranch)

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