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Is This The Best Way To Enjoy A Natural Hot Spring?

Is This The Best Way To Enjoy A Natural Hot Spring?

Let us tell you the story of one Mike Ginsburg, a self-described American “producer/director/artist”. The year was 1995, Mike has just seen the Grateful Dead play in Las Vegas and was travelling across Utah back home to Denver. On his travels he stumbled upon a desert resort with its very own supply of natural hot springs. Deciding this place was too good to pass up, he decided to buy it. From that time on, Mystic Hot Springs was born.

For about a decade after purchasing the hot springs, Mike set out to create a full-blown resort, complete with a number of new soaking pools and floatation areas. The mineral-enriched water source has been flowing for millions of years and for over a century, desert wanderers have been parking themselves at this hidden spot to soak in the relaxing 75 degree waters. 

With the help of Mike, the hot springs are now a little more accessible. You’re even invited to indulge in Mike’s signature brand of massage while there – something he calls a “transfloatation massage”. Suffice to say, this place is where you let your inhibitions run free.

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While we’re no stranger to a hot spring here at AWOL, Mystic Hot Springs have certainly brought something new to the equation. Instead of having to share your soaking spot with a half-a-dozen other strangers, there are a bunch of private bath tubs inserted into the desert floor that gather the mineral-enriched water too so you don’t have to share.

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Chillaxing just reached a whole new level.

Mystic Hot Springs even host an annual music festival, right in the heart of summer. Taking place on Pioneer Day, a celebrated day in Utah history, Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival is all about pioneering a new sustainable way into the future.

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Keen for a bathtub soak in the desert? Mystic Hot Springs is located in Monroe, Utah. Check out Qantas flights to the US here.

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