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There’s A Luxury Travel Company Specialising In Trips To Westworld

There’s A Luxury Travel Company Specialising In Trips To Westworld

A luxury travel company is now conducting specialised location tours of your favourite TV shows, including Westworld and Game Of Thrones.

Black Tomato is looking to capitalise on our obsessive love of TV to ignite our desires to visit fictional onscreen worlds.

The Westworld tour will focus on the dirt red, wild west landscape of Utah and California. The trip will take you through the Moab trail, stopping at places like Arches National Park, Castle Valley and Dead Horse Point State Park that will ring startlingly familiar to anyone who has seen the show (look out for the Man in Black). A possible stopover at a LA film studio is also on the cards to top off the whole experience.

Photo: Anna Hesser/Flickr CC

The Game Of Thrones tour will see you exploring Westeros (in Croatia and Iceland), where you’ll find Kings Landing and territory “Beyond the Wall” respectively.

Svínafellsjökull glacier tongue
No white walkers, thankfully. Photo: Ben Husmann/Flickr CC

Founder of Black Tomato, Tom Marchant was clear about how ta focus on landscape pushed the business into launching the tours. He told Cool Hunting: “Certain shows are set in a place where these dramatic landscapes play such a central role. They seep into your consciousness. These remote and wondrous places will always have a key role in people’s imaginations and for all the CGI out there, none of it can ever recreate what mother nature is doing.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

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Keep an eye on Black Tomato’s website for upcoming details.

(Lead image: Westworld/HBO)

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