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Wish You Were Here: Desert Pearl Inn, Utah

Wish You Were Here: Desert Pearl Inn, Utah

You’re probably well aware that there’s officially about a zillion* national parks in the US, each with their own set of jaw-dropping scenery that makes you think, “America, you really are a sight to behold.” One of those wonders is Zion National Park, located in the landlocked state of Utah. And you know what the best way to enjoy all the splendour of Zion is? Staying smack band in the middle of it, of course.


The Desert Palm Inn is nestled beside the Virgin River and the stunning cliffs of Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah. This place is filled with a mid-west sense of charm, with cosy suites, private balconies and a killer pool to match.


No matter where you are on the property, you’ll be surrounded by some pretty impressive scenery, and the dramatic red cliffs that surround are the perfect backdrop to a cheeky midnight swim too.


Rooms are available poolside or riverside and as their website puts it, “comfort rules”. This means you’ll be treated to a comfy bed, a private terrace complete with Adirondack chairs where you’ll be able to completely unwind from your day’s excursions.


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It’s pretty spesh.

*probably not a zillion, but there’s a lot. 

(Images: Desert Pearl)

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