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South Australia Will Reopen Interstate Borders From July 20, So Start Planning

South Australia Will Reopen Interstate Borders From July 20, So Start Planning

While some states are staunchly refusing to re-open their borders, South Australia has just announced their plan to open up for unrestricted travel from July 20. This news is, frankly, giving me life.

In a press conference, Premier Steven Marshall explained the decision means that any travellers entering South Australia from other states and territories will no longer have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. This rule does not apply to any international travellers, however.

“We don’t want to unnecessarily detain people for two weeks of isolation if they don’t pose a health risk to us in South Australia,” he said.


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The premier also said the current restrictions of 80 people per venue would increase to 300, and from 20 per room to 75 from Friday June 19. Not to mention the plan to implement stage three of COVID-19 restrictions is being brought forward to June 29.

In short, HELL YEAH, time to book a trip to Adelaide (obviously make sure your own state allows it, etc etc).

What this essentially means for me, personally, is that I now have the whole weekend to work out where to go first. I mean, Adelaide of course. In fact some say that the city’s small bar and restaurant renaissance makes it quite a rival to the Melbourne scene.

I’ve also heard tell that the 250km Epicurean Way road trip is a must-do for foodies — and I may hate cooking, but boy do I love to eat.

It’s also finally a perfect time to get back to Kangaroo Island, which was hit hard by the bushfires earlier this year, but only to half of the island. They started a campaign to regain tourism earlier this year, so it’s a good time to support.

Basically, there’s a lot of choice and those of us champing at the bit to get out of our own spaces will be practically giddy with all the new possibilities.

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