Sir David Attenborough Has Revealed North Queensland Is His Favourite Place

Sir David Attenborough

When it comes to travel tips, the best ones often come from those who are most experienced. And who better to impart their wisdom and geographic knowledge than the world’s most-well-travelled wildlife extraordinaire, Sir David Attenborough?


Recently Attenborough was awarded the 2017 Britain-Australia Society Award at Australia House in London and, in his acceptance speech, gave the sunshine state a coveted shout-out. Explaining that he’s often asked by children to name his favourite place on earth, he responded, “I have no hesitation in answering that question. My favourite place is North Queensland. It has for a naturalist everything. It has an amazing rainforest which is quite unlike any other rainforest in the world.”

“Not only does it have that, but down on the coast, it has the Great Barrier Reef,” he continued. “On top of that, there’s terrific wine and food, so that’s the place for me.”

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Attenborough also revealed his favourite animal: the leafy sea dragon, a truly peculiar-looking critter found off the coast of South Australia. “It’s like a seahorse, but in the horizontal,” he explained.

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