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Sir David Attenborough, Dave and Hans Zimmer Are Teaming Up For A ‘Planet Earth’ Reboot

Sir David Attenborough, Dave and Hans Zimmer Are Teaming Up For A ‘Planet Earth’ Reboot

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Your man Sir David Attenborough is here to deliver something special in an otherwise biblically chaotic and terrifying year. Planet Earth: A Celebration is bringing back the best of everyone’s favourite nature documentaries in an exciting new way.

The upcoming special is “a visual and musical feast designed to lift viewers’ spirits during a time of international uncertainty,” according to the BBC.

The series will be cherry-picking the best scenes from their most iconic documentaries and remixing them with an impressive collab: the legendary Sir David Attenborough, Mercury-prize winning rapper Dave and inimitable composer Hans Zimmer.

“It takes viewers on an exhilarating journey to the wildest places on earth, using eight of the most extraordinary sequences from the BAFTA award-winning Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II – the most watched natural history series of the last fifteen years,” they say in a statement.

And if you were wondering, yes, that insane clip of the baby iguana being chased by snakes made the cut.

While Attenborough and Zimmer have previously worked together on numerous nature documentaries, this reboot sees Dave accompanying the string section, played by the BBC concert orchestra, on grand piano. Oof.

Meanwhile, world-renowned Zimmer, who previously worked on the Planet Earth series, has reworked sections from his previous scores and created new compositions.

He shared a sneak peek on Twitter:

Known for his scores on Interstellar, Inception, The Lion King, Dark Knight Rises trilogy, Gladiator and honestly, too many to list, Academy Award-winner Zimmer is the crème de la crème of spine-tingling, suspense-driven symphonic soundtracks.

Even TikTok knows the power of Zimmer to transform any activity in life.

British rapper Dave’s debut album Psychodrama, took out the country’s top musical award, The Mercury Music Prize.

“I’ve always been a fan of powerful natural history documentaries,” says Dave. “This is a programme where nature and music come together, so it was only right that I lent my talent, my time, and my attention to this project. It was a pleasure to work alongside Sir David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer”.

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The trio are set to make this BBC special one to remember and news of the special further confirms that we do not deserve Sir David Attenborough.

While no date is set, Deadline says it’ll air on BBC America on August 31.

In the meantime, check out Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet, his Great Barrier Reef series and why North Queensland is his favourite place.

(Lead Image: Planet Earth)

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