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Loved Planet Earth II? Now You Can Live It In Real Life

Loved Planet Earth II? Now You Can Live It In Real Life

You loved Planet Earth II didn’t you? Not to mention the original Planet Earth, and basically everything David Attenborough has ever done? Thought so.

The documentaries have a way of making you feel alive, even when you’ve just demolished an entire tube of Pringles. Because the whole time you’re watching them you think, “If only I’d be able to witness such exquisite, unadulterated wildlife up close. That would be thrilling!”

Well, there’s a travel company that’s heard your silent prayers. Modelled off the Planet Earth specials, Tauck Travel has teamed up with BBC Earth to offer tourists bespoke tours that delve into the nitty gritty of wildlife tourism. Tours include safaris through Africa, polar bear gazing in Manitoba, jungle trekking in India and discovering remote Alaska. bear

The group sizes are small and the BBC has even put together dedicated videos with local guides that give you more information on the experience. You can check out the whole list of tours and pricing here.


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It’s exciting to think that all the stunning visuals David Attenborough narrated, you can see for yourself IRL. You could probably even narrate the experience yourself if you really, really wanted to. Your tour mates would hate you but hey, You Only BBC Earth Travel Tour Once! #YOBBCETTO

(All photos: Tauck)

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