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PSA: David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Series Starts On Sunday

PSA: David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Series Starts On Sunday

Iconic wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough has seen it all. No, literally – he’s probably the most well travelled man in the world. And in between abseiling buildings and narrating a pretty spectacular night out clubbing (that was him, right?), the 89-year-old British national treasure has found the time to explore Australia’s submerged wonder, the Great Barrier Reef.

DAGBR on the Alucia

The three-part series begins this Sunday night, April 10 on the ABC, and is set to showcase an entirely different side of the Great Barrier Reef than we’re used to, using new technology and scientific research.

Having first explored this ecosystem back in 1957, Attenborough has always wanted to go back and go deeper with the location he describes as “like no other in the natural world”. Sixty years on, the iconic broadcaster has climbed aboard the Alucia, a huge underwater research and exploration vessel that’ll give him a unique perspective on the Reef and unprecedented access to some of its most remote parts.

© Mark Tipple / Atlantic Productions

As we’re all well aware, the Great Barrier Reef is seriously under threat – almost half of the coral has been lost since Attenbourough’s first visit – and the explorer is determined to discover how it can be saved.

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David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef begins this Sunday night, April 10 at 7.40pm on the ABC. A special additional show The Making of David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef will air on ABC iview until May 8. Gather your Atten-bros and settle in for a night of beautiful shot scenery, magnificent commentary and a whole heap of charm.


What a champ.

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