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Ruby Chocolate KitKats Have Landed And We’re Losing Our Minds

Ruby Chocolate KitKats Have Landed And We’re Losing Our Minds

ruby chocolate

There are tonnes of different chocolate treats to choose from, but when it comes to revolutionary chocolate breakthroughs, they’re few and far between. The last variety to be released globally was white chocolate, and that was 80 years ago — or 959 months, 1 week, 1 day, 5 hours 13 minutes and 20 seconds — but who’s counting, right?


But the wait is over, chocoholics. Ruby chocolate is here, and the only place in Australia you’ll get your hands on some is Melbourne‘s KitKat Chocolatory.

The ruby chocolate KitKat is made from the all-natural ruby bean, found in a few of the major cocoa-growing countries, like Côte d’Ivoir, Ecuador and Brazil.

Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate has a super distinct pink colour and unique berry taste, which occurs naturally. It’s a result of an innovative process, which unlocks the flavour and colour tone which already exists within the beans.

There are two brand new ruby KitKat creations that’re available exclusively in Australia. There’s the Sublime Ruby, created in Japan and featuring one individually wrapped crisp wafer finger covered with premium Ruby chocolate.

Ruby Chocolate

And there’s the Black Label Ruby, which is carefully handcrafted by the Melbourne team, featuring finger-batch baked wafers that are smothered in Ruby chocolate and topped with lightly dried strawberries, raspberries and caramelised meringue.

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ruby chocolate

Nestlé has snagged the exclusive rights to Ruby chocolate in Australia until July 2018, so get to Melbourne’s KitKat Chocolatory if you want to get amongst it!

How To Get There

  • Fly into Melbourne Airport
  • Take the SkyBus towards City to Skybus Coach Terminal
  • Walk 190m to Southern Cross Station
  • Kit Kat Chocolatory — 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne

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