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Melbourne, This App Will Deliver Plants And Hardware To You Within 2 Hours

Melbourne, This App Will Deliver Plants And Hardware To You Within 2 Hours

This has been a year that many of us have grasped onto certain things for comfort and joy. Like perfecting our plant parenting, or adopting pets, or pretending we like to cook now, or building things.

Now that Melbourne is back in lockdown, keeping up with those hobbies can be hard when you can’t pop out for supplies. Cocktails, wine and cheese board deliveries from your favourite bars and restaurants are all covered (thank god), and now a new app is stepping up to bring you new plant babies and hardware supplies in isolation.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Rendr will deliver materials and supplies on-demand (read, contact-free within 2 hours) to your doorstep, it’s a lot like Bunnings, except it comes to you.


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Think plants, power tools, BBQs, bathroom and plumbing supplies, cleaning supplies, paint and home decor items and, I don’t know, whatever else people go to hardware stores for.

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As someone who only really knows about plants, I’m having a look through and I can tell you that the prices are actually really decent. I was definitely expecting prices to be through the roof like things often are when delivery is involved.

Rendr is currently only delivering to Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs, which let’s be honest, are the places that need it most.

If you do happen to be going a little crazy on plant parenting, you’ll be wanting to look over this guide to keeping your indoor plants alive, with tips from an expert. Then maybe even snazzy them up a few mosaic pots, with this DIY kit (that yes can also be delivered to your home).

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Timothy Buck)

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