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Quit Your Job & Attend San Francisco’s Lightsaber Combat Academy Instead

Quit Your Job & Attend San Francisco’s Lightsaber Combat Academy Instead

Work getting you down? Been a little while since you’ve truly felt the Force? Why not just quit your job and attend the Lightsaber Combat Academy instead?

The company in question, LudaSport, originated in Milan and now has academies all over Europe including posts in Sweden, Russia, England, Ireland, France and Spain. They’re now venturing across the pond and opening up their first studio in the United States thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.


The latest school will be located in San Francisco, the very same city that’s home to Lucasfilm. The schools teach seven forms of lightsaber combat, levelling from Padawan to Knight and competitions and duels happen on the regular for dedicated sportsmen. Lightsaber combat has a similar rating system to other martial arts such as karate; as lightsaber users excel, they get allocated a higher ranking that’s associated with a colour.

Already in its tenth year of business, LudaSport holds national and international competitions for its students worldwide to ensure that a sense of community is fostered among Lightsaber Combat experts.


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Check out the video below to find out more:


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