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Please Enjoy This Photo Of A Dog Posing For A Caricature At Disneyland

Please Enjoy This Photo Of A Dog Posing For A Caricature At Disneyland

Sometimes, when the news is bleak and the days are dark, things happen that reaffirm our belief that the world we live in is truly a decent place. This is one of those things.

Over the weekend, a girl named Katie got sent some photos of her parents’ trip to Disneyland. One of those photos showed a very good Golden Labrador sitting patiently while a man drew a caricature of him.

The photo has been re-tweeted nearly 55,000 times, and for good reason.

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Neither have we friend, neither have we.

Has your heart melted yet? Wait, there’s more. The pup’s name is Yahoo and he’s a service dog in training currently living with a volunteer in San Marcos, California. His jaunt to Disneyland was actually part of his socialisation training. By posing for his caricature, he’s learning obedience and patience, both super important traits for service dogs.

Yahoo is a part of Canine Companions for Independence, an organisation that helps breed and train assistance dogs, who are then offered to people with disabilities for no cost.

Photo: Jeanine Konopelski

Hang ten, Yahoo. Hang ten.

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