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Pork Roll Ice Cream Is New Jersey’s Latest Dessert Delicacy

Pork Roll Ice Cream Is New Jersey’s Latest Dessert Delicacy

We should all be grateful to live in an age of such experimental dessert innovation, where pork and maple syrup can be enjoyed in one creamy treat. The combination of sweet and salty has been a real game-changer in the dessert world and New Jersey‘s latest delicacy is taking things to the next level.


Pork roll ice cream is the latest and greatest New Jersey treat, cooked up by Windy Brow Farms. For those unfamiliar with what Southern New Jersey calls ‘pork roll’ take note: it’s not the Vietnamese-style bread bun full of pork, pickled carrot and coriander. It’s a processed pork product that’s also known as ‘Taylor ham’ in the northern parts of the state.

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To make the pork roll into a dessert, the farm did what every good dessert creator should do and added breakfast food. Chunks of french toast and dollops of maple syrup were added into the mix to cut through the salinity with a whole lot of sweetness. And voila! We have a sweet-and-salty masterpiece.

The whole process of making pork roll ice cream involves quite a few steps, starting with oven-cooking and pan-frying the Taylor ham to caramelise the meat, then topping it with cinnamon and sugar. The unique delicacy is part of an ‘Only in Jersey’ line of desserts ice creams that are also set to feature blueberry, sweet corn and tomato pie flavours that will be available throughout the state for the summer.

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