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Would You Spend The Night Dangling Off A Cliff In Dorset?

Would You Spend The Night Dangling Off A Cliff In Dorset?

Who wants to sleep in a boring old bed with a roof overhead when you could be dangling from a rope off the side of a cliff in just a sleeping bag? The best memories are made doing something out of the ordinary and this overnight stay on the Dorset coast is definitely one for daring travellers.


If you’re a fan of fresh air and coastal views then you might consider spending a night suspended over the English Channel. Young’s Adventure Solutions has created a unique seaside experience where you can eat dinner, watch the sunset and (try to) sleep through the night on a tiny piece of fabric hanging over the Dorset cliffside.

dorset, cliff camping

It’s not as scary as it sounds. ‘Cliff Camping’ might be intimidating but it’s safe and you’re strapped into a hanging tent system securely attached to the rockface. You do have to abseil down the cliff to get to your ‘portaledge’, but an instructor is there to guide you. You just need the guts to do it.

Dorset, cliff camping

With total serenity and only the waves crashing on the rocks below, it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

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You can commit to the full overnight camping experience or test the waters with a three-hour long sunset session. Do you dare?

(All images: Young’s Adventure Solutions)

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