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These Are The Most-Pinned Travel Destinations And Experiences Of 2017

These Are The Most-Pinned Travel Destinations And Experiences Of 2017

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Ah, Pinterest. Eternal source of travel inspo and bucket list experiences.

The image-sharing platform has shared its annual Pinning Report, which details the 4 billion travel ideas users saved over the past year. The platform said 68 per cent of pinners used the platform to search for destinations to visit in the future, along with things to do in those locations.


But, among the millions of pins from this year, some stood out. Scroll down to see which destinations and bucket-list experiences were among the top saves for 2017.


Joshua Tree
Image: Elliott Engelmann

Saves for “desert” travel jumped a massive 125 per cent in 2017, with destinations like Morocco, Dubai, Chile’s Atacama Desert and Joshua Tree featuring heavily.


Mediterranean Islands

Image: Dimitry Anikin

We’re all about chasing that summer sun, it seems: saves for “Croatian islands” and “Mykonos” jumped by 96 per cent thus year.


Mexico City, Mexico

Image: Pavan Trikutam

Saves for “Mexico City” were also up 96 per cent in 2017 and, with stellar street food, sparkling beaches and fascinating cultural sites, we can’t say we blame you.


Rock And Mountain Climbing

Woman rock climbing
Image: Jackson Hendry

Saves for scuba diving to an, ahem, dive in 2017 in favour of dry-land activities like rock climbing and mountain climbing, with saves for “climbing” jumping 82 per cent.

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Historical Sites

Angkor Wat
Image: Cristian Moscoso

Old Europe and ancient sites like Angkor Wat are so hot right now – saves for “historical travel” were up 92 per cent in 2017.

(Lead image: Adam Wilson)

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