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And The Most Pinned Locations On Earth Are…

And The Most Pinned Locations On Earth Are…

It’s rare to find someone who actually makes inspiration boards IRL anymore – there’s a lot less glue and pushpins hanging around, that’s for sure. Modern dreamers are all about Pinterest, and once you’ve combed through all the mason jar doilies and whimsical outdoor wedding displays, the social network is an excellent way to discover and share your next picture-perfect holiday destination.

So what are the most popular travel destiantions being pinned? Thanks to Mashable – and 750 million pins – we now know the most popular locations giving people on Pinterest a case of wanderlust. Check out ten of the most pinned places on earth below.


#1 Paris, France


The city of love is home to croissants, the Eiffel Tower and a whole lot of history – it’s not that surprising this city made it to the top of the list.

#2 Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


The go-to place for a commanding view of the most-pinned city, or one of those mid-air jump shots in front of the iconic monument.

#3 London, England


Big Ben, double decker busses, and those famous red telephone booths – need we say more?

#4 New York City, USA


NYC baby – the most iconic US city is bustling, loud, and visited by over 54 million tourists per year.

#5 Abraham Lake, Canada

(Photo: Jeff Wallace/Flickr)

Probably the least known spot on this list is Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada. While stunningly beautiful, the lake is also known for the phenomenon of flammable methane gas getting caught under the surface of the water when it freezes over.

#6 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

(Photo: Heather MG/Flickr)

This insanely perfect geothermal spa is about 37 degrees right now. Wish you were here?

#7 Amsterdam, Netherlands


Recently beaten to the top of the World’s Most Bike Friendly City list by Copenhagen, Amsterdam is still your go to city for cool – cool people, cool building and an even cooler bike culture. Embrace your inner hipster and enjoy.

#8 Central Park, New York City, USA


Bike paths, hidden gardens and lakes galore – Central Park is a colourful and quiet hub in the middle of the craziness of NYC.

#9 Taormina, Italy

(Photo: Luca Volpi/Flickr)

The colourful seaside town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy is found right at the south and is known for its beautiful architecture, its culture and its beaches.

#10 Venice, Italy


The ancient floating city of dreams, Venice is iconic Italy with a splash of modern elegance.

The Crags along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria was the only Australian site to make the list at number 13. Check out the remainder of the lust-worthy list here.

Quit pinning and get going – start your next adventure with Qantas. And hey, while you’re at it chuck us a follow on Pinterest – we’ll cater for all your travel inspo needs. 

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