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These Are The 10 Countries People Can’t Wait To Get Married In Once It’s Safe To Travel Again

These Are The 10 Countries People Can’t Wait To Get Married In Once It’s Safe To Travel Again

Weddings were just one of many things that were cancelled in 2020 thanks to Covid, but now that Australia and other parts of the world are beginning to get closer to normalcy, they’re back at the forefront of people’s minds.

New research by has pulled together Pinterest data to find out which countries happy couples are dreaming of, and the good news is that Australia makes it pretty high on the list. They came up with their numbers by counting publicly viewable boards that matched a range of wedding-related keywords.

According to this list, Morrocco, Greece and France made the top three most popular countries for a destination wedding, in that order.

Not too far down, Australia came in at number eight. Considering we still don’t have any solid information on when we can leave Australia (besides travel bubbles, of course), at least we can be happy in the knowledge that we’re right where everyone else wants to be.

I mean, it’s pretty understandable — we have so many options for weddings. From cosy Tassie winter weddings, to outback settings, to mountains, to white sand beaches, to wineries, to city-views.


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Right below us, at number nine, New Zealand got a look in. As this is our only current travel bubble, it’s a pretty damn good second option.

I mean, just check out the photo below, those mountains make for a pretty dramatic backdrop on your wedding photos.

Also on the top 10 list were Italy, Bali, Ireland, Fiji and Mexico — the latter being home to an underwater wedding package, which is pretty epic if you don’t mind getting a bit wet.

Interestingly, the data also revealed that ‘Harry Potter‘ is the most popular pinned themed-wedding idea, so make of that what you will.

Not surprisingly, people are also Pinterest-dreaming of their honeymoons too, and we have to top 20 most popular destinations right here.

(Lead image: EOOWV via Tourism Australia)

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