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From ‘Nomading’ To Flower Fields: This Is How Travel Will Look In 2021

From ‘Nomading’ To Flower Fields: This Is How Travel Will Look In 2021

Pinterest has released their annual trends report, Pinterest Predicts, and if you’re keen to get a feel for how 2021 is going to pan out then it’s one to take seriously – eight out of 10 of Pinterest’s predictions for 2020 came true despite this year being one hell of rollercoaster.

The ‘not-yet-trending’ report provides a window into the future from the platform people use to plan it, covering everything from wellness to fashion, beauty and interiors. But where better to see the effects of a global grounding than in travel and tourism?

“Turns out, when everything breaks, so do the norms,” says Pinterest Chief Marketing Office, Andréa Mallard. “This year won’t be about ‘back to normal’ or even ‘the new normal’. Nobody cares about ‘normal’ any more”.

Here are Pinterest’s 2021 trend predictions for travel.

Jet-setting was so 2019; it’s all about nomading, sweetie

Necessity breeds creativity and innovation, so it’s no surprise that after being forced out of the air and firmly on home soil, we’ve found new ways to distill the particular feeling travel affords.

Looking up at the stars, hitting the road to nowhere, breathing in the great outdoors – these are all ways to experience feeling connected to the world.

While it’s true that people are beginning to look abroad for travel, more than ever, Pinners are embracing hitting the road in their home countries. Pinterest has seen an uptick in ‘nomading’ on the platform, as people really begin to embrace nature.

“The outdoors are in! Whether you’re seeking a sky full of stars or a field full of flowers, it turns out that nature really is healing. In 2021, people will plan national park road trips, trade city life for a rental cabin in the woods and use remote work as an excuse to explore the great outdoors,” explains the report.

Searches for ‘wild flower fields’ were up 165 percent’; ‘motorcycle tent’ up 100 percent; ‘couple stargazing’ up 165 percent; ‘motorhome accessories’ up 40 percent and ‘nomad aesthetic’ up 80 percent.

Parking space is the new personal space

Our cars were our escape this year. Next year, they’re set to become the new ‘third space’ for everything from date nights to man caves. Sometimes, you just need to get away.

But this isn’t solely about the driving aspect, it’s about transforming cars into spaces of their own or using them to create experiences. Pinterest has seen users looking for ways to pimp their rides to up the comfort factor for these adventures – or as a way to carve out a special space at home.

“Buckle up for a new kind of auto renewal,” says Pinterest. Searches were trending for ‘car date night’, which doubled; ‘car man cave’, up 115 percent;  ‘car survival kits’, up 60 percent; ‘drive-in cinema’ up 190 percent and ‘dog car seats’ up 100 percent.

Hypothetical travel is the new sabbatical

In slightly depressing news, daydreaming of all the amazing places you’ll go when travel arrangements shift in the future is a big trend for 2021.

We know now that the pandemic wasn’t a short-term thing; life has forever changed. Considering the slow-dawning of that fact, many of us have finally changed our expectations, instead taking to virtual sources of inspiration for a travel fix.

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“People will keep escaping to that hypothetical holiday – even if they can’t travel any time soon. In 2021, Pinners will use Pinterest to immerse themselves in dream getaways while saving up for a big trip,” says Pinterest.

Trending terms are ‘luxury holiday’ up 50 percent; ‘dream holidays’ has septupled; ‘honeymoon pictures romantic’ up 55 percent; ‘mountain travel’ up 35 percent and ‘forest resort’ up 100 percent.

While globetrotting is on hold, wordly crafts are on the rise

If you can’t adventure to exotic places, there are other ways to immerse yourself in elements of the experience. That might be through cuisine, reading and studying, or learning a culture’s crafts or practices.

“When you can’t travel the world, absorb culture in a different way,” says Pinterest. “Global-inspired hobbies will be on the rise as Pinners expand their interests and look for new ways to get crafty.”

Trending search terms include ‘Jyotish astrology’ which tripled; ‘Ancient Egyptian architecture’ which doubled; searches for ‘Persian calligraphy art’ were 20 times higher than usual; ‘Irish quilt patterns’ were up 100 percent and ‘Japanese carpentry’ up 95 percent.

For the full report, click here.

(Lead Image: Provided / Pinterest)

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