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Perth’s Best Drinking Nooks

Perth’s Best Drinking Nooks

For those in the know, the west coast has undergone a resurgence of late. Beyond the sun, sand and surf, there’s been a growing swell of hip and innovative bars popping up all over this burgeoning city, keen to emerge out from under the shadow of its sophisticated east coast siblings. The best thing about this sunny capital, though, is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there’s a refreshing lack of attitude and pretension. Because at the end of the day, it’s really just about enjoying a Sunday sesh with your squad – right?

Here’s a list of Perth’s best drinking nooks.

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Alabama Song


From the minute you walk through the swinging saloon doors of Alabama Song, a Southern honky-tonk bar specialising in whisky, bourbon and rockabilly tunes, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to the deep South of America. Clint Nolan, owner and all-round entrepreneurial kingpin, has an indisputable talent for creating immersive bars in Northbridge: his stable includes the downstairs grungy dive-bar Joes’s Juice Joint and the speakeasy Sneaky Tony’s among others. With over 120 types of bourbons, whiskies and ryes to choose from, complimentary peanuts and plenty of that famous Southern hospitality being slung around, Alabama Song is one whisky bar that you won’t want to leave in a hurry.

Photo: Alabama Song/Facebook

Alter Ego


Nestled away in the dimly lit corner of the open collaborative space The Mantle, in East Fremantle, is the swanky Alter Ego, a craft bar serving up an extensive list of creative cocktail concoctions using high-quality spirits and ingredients. Drawing inspiration from the prohibition era, the atmospheric Alter Ego is everything an illicit speakeasy should be: intimate and dangerously provocative. Al Capone himself would have approved.

Photo: The Mantle/Facebook



Let’s be honest, Petition started off with some pretty good odds: it’s housed in the illustrious State Buildings in the company of trendy Thai outfit Long Chim and fine dining restaurant Wildflower. However, aside from its ritzy location, Petition has many other virtues; for starters, it actually comprises three venues: Petition Beer Corner, Petition Kitchen, and Petition Wine Bar and Merchant, which makes your decision on how to spend your night all that much easier. Petition focuses on delivering the highest quality ingredients and offering the finest selection of wines and craft beers. It’s elegant and all class, but in that relaxed and unassuming way that Perth is renowned for. Don’t be surprised if Petition becomes your regular haunt.

Photo: Petition/Facebook

The Bird


The Bird is an eminent Northbridge institution and a general purveyor of revelry and good times. This is definitely a place where the ‘no d**kheads rule’ applies and where you can leave your attitude and pretensions at the door. The Bird is also one of Perth’s most loved live music venues, and on any given night, you can catch a local gig or exhibition, partake in some hip-hop kara“yo!”ke, or just chill in the cosy courtyard out the back.

 Photo: The Bird/ Facebook

Late Night Valentine


From the outside, Late Night Valentine doesn’t impress by any means – it’s more run-down dingy office block than swish cocktail bar. But if you get past the initial introduction, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Inside, you’ll find plush couches, dark panelling, dim lighting and a plethora of high-flying cocktails that will be sure to impress your date. It’s neo-noir meets ’80s glam – we think it’s seduction at its best.

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 Photo: Late Night Valentine/Facebook

Choo Choo’s


In amongst Brookfield’s Place’s glamour and glitz, Choo Choo’s is the rambunctious rebel who rejects conformity and who couldn’t care less about the threads you’re donning. Choo Choo’s is a welcome breath of fresh air, adding some much-needed urban cred and a touch of dive-bar grunge to the some-might-say ‘vanilla’ complex. The bartenders are free to exercise their creativity, creating cocktails to suit your mood and tastes. Bring your band mates and find a nook or cranny to settle into for the night.

Photo: Choo Choo’s/Facebook 

Meat Candy


New kid on the block, part Southern bistro and part bar, Meat Candy is already packing quite a punch on its quiet corner at the top end of William Street. Your nostalgia will be piqued as you scan the 70s-style American diner-esque dining room, decked in hues of caramel and oranges, with leather booths and retro teardrop lighting. There’s also housemade creaming soda on the menu – booze optional. Cocktail jugs of Bloody Marys and Woody Island Iced Tea are also on offer. It’s early days but we are predicting that this will become one of Perth’s favourite places to enjoy a token Sunday sesh.

Photo: Meat Candy/Facebook [/listicle]

(Lead image: Petition/Facebook)

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