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Santa Is Currently Hiring Elves To Work Alongside Him In The Arctic Circle. Really.

Santa Is Currently Hiring Elves To Work Alongside Him In The Arctic Circle. Really.

Have you ever dreamed of working alongside Santa Claus as one of his little helpers? Even as a kid? Well now you can, and you don’t even need to head to the North Pole to do it. You just need to head nearby the North Pole. (It is still very far away.)

The position of Santa’s Elf is a heralded title; just ask Will Ferrell. For this particular job, ‘Elves’ will be working in Saariselkä, Finland, at a Christmas-themed resort called Santa’s Lapland. Ultimately, the task is to remain in character as an Elf at all times to ensure visiting families have a seriously magical trip. Yep, those not in the know (read: children) need to believe that you are an actual, real-life sidekick to Santa, so keep that smile on your dial and don’t accidentally swear, or something.

Elf life involves things like meeting the guests at the airport on arrival, escorting them to Santa’s cabin for a magical visit, ensuring all the presents are wrapped and ready for Santa, and taking part in Elf sightings at different spots around the village. There’ll no doubt be a bunch of frolicking and playing as well.


In order to be considered for the seasonal role, you’ll need to have experience in acting or character work, a true love for all things Christmas and a pretty much endless energy supply. Oh, and intermediate Excel skills; we guess Santa’s naughty or nice list has finally been digitised.

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The job ad also makes a point of mentioning that a “lack of natural daylight and minus temperatures are part of the day-to-day lifestyle you can expect”, because apparently Christmas isn’t all fun and games.

So if you absolutely love Christmas and you don’t suffer from seasonal affective disorder, you can apply for the position here.

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