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Stop Everything To Enjoy This Penguin From Perth Zoo Who Can’t Stop Watching Pingu

Stop Everything To Enjoy This Penguin From Perth Zoo Who Can’t Stop Watching Pingu

There seems to be a lot of wholesome penguin content at the moment, like the nightly live streaming of Phillip Island’s Little Penguins. To add to those stories, there’s a lonely Rockhopper Penguin at Perth Zoo who apparently enjoys watching Pingu as much as we did.

‘Pierre’ the penguin at Perth Zoo

‘Pierre’ the penguin has become iPad-savvy during a stint of rehabilitation for feather moulting problems at Perth Zoo.

He enjoys watching rockhopper penguin documentaries, livestreams of rockhopper penguins and ‘Pingu’.


Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Monday, August 24, 2020

As reported by 7 News, Pierre was isolated in rehabilitation for his feather moulting issues (happens to the best of us buddy, don’t even worry about it).

According to his keeper, Pierre was getting a little lonely in the vet department by himself, so they brought in an iPad to let him watch other penguins on screen — and he loved it.

“To enrich his life we’ve decided to get other Rockhoppers online to watch. He really is interested in it,” said Pierre’s zoo keeper.

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Switching between penguin docos, live streams of penguins from other zoos around the world, and old faithful Pingu. In short, Pierre can’t stop binge-watching other penguins and it’s such a 2020 mood that I simply cannot even.

“It’s a show about you,” Pierre’s zoo keeper continued as the Pingu intro starts to play, and you can’t deny Pierre’s happy little head tilt.

I personally look forward to discussing with Pierre whether or not the show was ruined by them making Pingu speak English instead of his usual ‘noot noot’ing. The answer is obviously yes.

(Lead Image: 7 News)

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