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Where To Get Your Hands On Those Mouth-Watering Birra Tacos Taking Over TikTok

Where To Get Your Hands On Those Mouth-Watering Birra Tacos Taking Over TikTok

If you’ve been baffled and intrigued by those Birria Tacos popping up on your social feeds, consider this the article your illumination.

This is a traditional Mexican taco made from a beef stew that is slow cooked until the beef is tender and falls apart. It’s also flavoured to be sweet, sour and slightly spicy. Then they chuck on some mozzarella, grill that bad boi, and serve it with consume to dip your fresh taco into.

I know, it sounds like a whole journey.

While these juicy tacos are literally taking over social media news feeds, most of the reviews are coming from Mexico or the U.S.A, and we’re obviously not getting there any time soon. So where the hell can we sample a Birria Taco?

First of all, there are plenty of recipes online, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a chef give it a quick google and have a go. For those of us who are culinarily challenged, restaurants serving up Birria Tacos in Australia seem to be pretty hard to come by — but not impossible.

We did a little digging and came up with these options.




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One of only two places I could get a definitive ‘hell yeah’ for the Birria Tacos was modern Mexican restaurant, Chula, in Potts Point. They’re also written on the menu, so I’d say that’s pretty good confirmation.



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The second place in Sydney that I can confirm sell damn good Birria Tacos (according to my colleague, so that’s some first person experience for you) is Chololo in Campsie. So have at them!


If you are going to give it a try yourself, your best bet to find the ingredients you need is the Tamaleria/ Mexican Food Australia. Basically does what it says on the tin.


South Austin (by Barbeque Mafia)

What started as a speciality menu item at Barbeque Mafia, turned into a whole new venture for the smoked meat experts: South Austin. Birria Tacos are a permanent feature on the menu of this new barbeque and Mexican fusion restaurant.


La Tortillaria

While they do have a restaurant at La Tortillaria, they don’t serve Birria Tacos. However, they’re also a Mexican grocer, so again if you’re hoping to give it a go yourself, you’ll probably find the ingredients you need here.

Si Senorita Bar


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Getting in on the craze, Si Senorita Bar in Fitzroy are trialling Birria Tacos every Thursday night in February 2021. Given how popular they are, chances are high they’ll become a permanent menu item.

(Lead Image: Facebook / South Austin Tex Mex Cantina)

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