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This Map Ranks The Sexiest Cities In Australia, And Apologies If You Live In Cairns

This Map Ranks The Sexiest Cities In Australia, And Apologies If You Live In Cairns

Lovehoney Sex Map revealed the sexiest cities and states in Australia for 2020.

There’s no doubt that iso has affected our sex lives. We’re thirsty. Turned on. Horny on main with nowhere to go. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that people have been buying a lot more sex toys since all this started, and now

Adult toy maker Lovehoney has created a sex map.

And yes, a sex map is exactly what it sounds like.

Using recent sales data from Lovehoney, the map shows which cities around Australia have been buying the most sex toys, accessories and lingerie between March and May this year.

According to Lovehoney, Wentworth Point is the sexiest city in Australia.

No one saw this coming (heh) but Wentworth Point residents have been enjoying the most sexy time of anyone in Australia. In fact, locals have been buying 680 percent more sex toys than normal.

680 percent more! Is Wentworth Point okay?

The rest of the top five is made up of St Marys in NSW, West Hobart in Tasmania, and Rosebery and North Bondi in NSW.

Windsor, Mentone, Somerville and Clyde North in South Australia, as well as Clarkson in Western Australia round out the top ten.

The sex map also revealed the ten least sexy places in Australia. Apologies if you live in, in order: Cairns, Greenwich, Ipswich, Townsville, Gulfview Heights, Eagle Farm, Rockhampton, Acton, Kings Meadows or Callaghan. Sucks to suck.

“Rocky may get a bad wrap,” said my coworker who grew up in Rockhampton “But we can still take pride in the fact we’re not from Gladstone.”

Gladstone, of course, was last year’s sexiest city but has dropped down to number 347 this year.

“It’s great to see that when Australians have had to spend time indoors, they have focussed on their wellbeing, reconnecting with themselves and their partners to explore new and exciting ways to fulfil their sexual happiness,” said Rob Godwin, Lovehoney Director and Head of Operations.

You can see the sex map and the full list of rankings here.

I just ranked all the places I’ve ever lived against each other and it looks like I’m moving back to good old, sexy Dulwich Hill. (The 31st sexiest place in Australia, go off!)

(Lead image: Lovehoney / Freeform)

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