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Nicolas Cage’s Face Has Appeared On A Popular Japanese Snack

Nicolas Cage’s Face Has Appeared On A Popular Japanese Snack

Japan is notorious for its wonderfully wacky foods, from bizarrely flavoured KitKats to spreadable coffee. Now, the Japanese snack industry has truly out-weirded itself, this time with the release of Nicolas Cage-inspired corn treats.

In celebration of the Japanese release of Cage’s 2016 film Army Of One, Umaibo (or “delicious sticks”) have hit shelves in movie theatres across Japan, with the actor’s face slapped right on the packet. Understandably, the internet can’t get enough.

The exact point in time Cage transitioned from respected and accomplished actor to internet meme is hard to pinpoint, but it’s pretty clear that people are still infatuated by him, with fans sharing news of the corny Cage goodness on social media.


According Japanese publication Natalie, the Cage version of the treat is called “Deluxe Umaibo Nicolastick”, available for a limited time for those who buy tickets to his movie. If that’s not enough of a reason to get to Japan, I don’t know what is.

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