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Cheese Toasties And Sausage Sizzles Both Feature In The New Arnott’s Shapes Flavours

Cheese Toasties And Sausage Sizzles Both Feature In The New Arnott’s Shapes Flavours

Earlier this year, Arnott’s re-ignited an old conflict by releasing Chicken Parmi Shapes and getting the country to debate about whether it’s ‘parmi’ or ‘parma’. The debate may tear Australians apart, but the Shapes were great.

Now, they’ve done us a solid to help start 2021 the right way, by release three new flavours. They’re all Aussie favourites, and they all have names that aren’t up for discussion, so you won’t have to fight your family around the Christmas tree.

“We know Aussies love Shapes and are all about the flavour hit which is why we are constantly trialing new and exciting flavours that leave fans wanting more,” said Shannon Wright, Arnott’s Marketing Manager of Savoury.

“The new finger-licking range will satisfy those afternoon cravings, combining the perfect blend of cheesy goodness or bbq sizzle. We know people love the taste of a steak sandwich, a burger or a toastie, so this range provides the perfect snacking solution with a flavour hit they love”.

Ok, ok, but what are the flavours?

The first is the Triple Cheese Toastie, which combines three types of cheeses — cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. According to Arnott’s, “the flavour begins with melted butter and mild cheddar notes, followed by a salty parmesan flavour with a slight toasted cheese taste”. Sounds fancy. It’ll be available in national retailers, ie. everyone can sell it.

Then we have the sausage sizzle classic, Sizzling Steak and Onion. This time you’ll taste salty steak with a little smoky edge, with a subtle sweetness of caramelised onion. This one is exclusive to Woolies.

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Finally, less Australian but still beloved, is the Double Cheeseburger. Arnott’s described the taste as that “of creamy melted cheese and grilled beef, combined with onion, bread, and mustard sauce”. You’ll only be able to get this flavour in Coles and Independent grocery stores.

The new range of flavours will be available around Australia from early January 2021, with a recommended retail price of $3.20 each.

(All Images: Provided / Arnott’s)

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