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Students Are Having Graduation Ceremonies In ’Animal Crossing’ And It’s Absolutely The Cutest

Students Are Having Graduation Ceremonies In ’Animal Crossing’ And It’s Absolutely The Cutest

A screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons of one user's graduation ceremony

With schools and universities closed for the forseeable future, graduation ceremonies are on hold. But students who were meant to graduate this year have taken matters into their own hands and are now throwing virtual ceremonies for themselves and friends in Animal Crossing.

Further proving that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most wholesome game ever made, possibly the most wholesome thing in the world right now, the game has become a haven for students who are missing out on their big moment.

Students are throwing graduation ceremonies in Animal Crossing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Thanks to the game’s custom clothing tools, players have been able to create graduation robes and caps for their characters to wear. They’ve even set up stages complete with podiums and makeshift diplomas in their villages.

Twitter user WhimsyWool shared a video of his in-game ceremony, writing “How students are going to graduate in 2020.”

In his video, one player walks across a stage in front of a crowd of other graduates. He takes a bow using the “joy” emote and walks off stage as the crowd applauds. Super cute.

Fans fell in love with Animal Crossing when it came out during the early days of the social distancing restrictions.

After all, who can resist the opportunity to hang out with your friends on a private island, all from the safety of your own home?

As players continue to find ways to replicate real life experiences, the game has become a kind of hero during self-isolation.

The player base is notoriously lovely, and people have been even kinder to each other as everyone deals with these difficult times.

One Twitter user commented on the post above to ask where roadtodusk got their podium. Almost immediately, another player offered to buy one and transfer it to their in-game account.

Basically it’s proof that no matter how good the outside world gets, Animal Crossing will always be here for us.

(Lead image: roadtodusk / Twitter)

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