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The Spookiest Haunted Places You Can Visit Around Australia

The Spookiest Haunted Places You Can Visit Around Australia

Image of The Monte Christo Homestead, one of Australia's most haunted houses

Australia is host to many reportedly haunted locations. The Q Station quarantine site in New South Wales. Victoria’s Aradale Asylum, originally known as the Ararat Lunatic Asylum. Penitentiary Chapel in Tasmania. These are great places to visit if you’re eager to explore the supernatural. Still, there’s nothing like exploring some good old fashioned haunted houses.

Though Dracula’s Haunted House on the Gold Coast was sadly staked in 2018, several fun and spooky attractions around Australia still offer up some scares if you’re after something lighter.


However, if you’re after an experience that will chill your bones and flirt with forces beyond our understanding, here are a few of the most haunted houses you can visit in Australia.

Monte Cristo Homestead, NSW


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The Monte Cristo Homestead has a reputation for being “Australia’s most haunted house”, and it’s no wonder considering its horrific history. Built in 1884 by Mr Christopher Crawley, there have been numerous deaths on the property, and few were from natural causes.

Monte Cristo’s most well-known ghost is that of Mrs Crawley, who confined herself to the homestead after her husband’s death. Other ghosts include that of a pregnant maid said to have thrown herself from the upper floor balcony, a stable boy who died in a fire while lying ill in bed, and a mentally disabled man who was kept chained up in the dairy for decades, eventually dying shortly after being moved to a mental institution.

The Monte Cristo Homestead holds ghost tours every Saturday at 6pm by reservation, and you can also book to stay the night.

Where: 1 Homestead Lane, Junee, NSW

Altona Homestead, Vic


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Though the Altona-Laverton Historical Society now occupies the Altona Homestead, its original occupants were Alfred and Sarah Langhorne, who built it in 1842. Sarah Langhorne died only 29 years later, reportedly from from Parkinson’s disease. Yet people have since claimed they’ve seen her lingering at the homestead, looking out the window.

Sarah isn’t alone, either. Altona Homestead is rumoured to be host to 10 other ghosts as well, two of which may be Sarah’s children – a baby boy and teenage girl.

Ghost tours of the Altona Homestead are held only a few days per month at 8.30pm, and can be booked via Lantern Ghost Tours.

Where: 128 Queen St, Altona, Victoria

Oakabella Homestead, WA


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Despite being considered Western Australia’s most haunted house, you won’t see any references to ghosts or the supernatural on Oakabella Homestead‘s website. This haunted house has been trying to shake off its spooky reputation because terrified tourists were being scared away.

One of the ghosts said to reside here is George Jackson, who died after his gun discharged while he was cleaning it. Some people have reported feeling an oppressive force in the house.

Fortunately for those who like their heebies jeebied, Oakabella Homestead reportedly still runs the occasional night tour, though you’ll likely want to get in touch to arrange it. Otherwise, day tours currently operate Thursday to Sunday at 10am and 2pm.

Where: 423 Starling Rd, Bowes, Western Australia


Gooloowan House, Qld

Located around one hour from the Gold Coast, Gooloowan House was built in 1864 by Benjamin Cribb and his second wife Clarissa. However, though he died at the house 10 years later, his ghost is not this haunted house’s most famous resident.

The most notable ghost rumoured to reside here is that of an unwanted newborn baby, said to have been thrown down a well in 1889 by its mother, a maid who worked in the house. People have reported hearing the baby’s cries emanating from the well, as well as seeing a young woman dressed as a maid wandering its halls.

Though you can tour of Gooloowan House, tours are intermittent and often focus on the house’s history rather than its ghosts. Still, if you’re a avid ghost hunter, it’s an elusive target to keep on your list.

Where: 43 Quarry Street, Ipswich, Queensland

Franklin House, Tas


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Built in 1838, Franklin House was originally home to former convict Britton Jones. Soon after it was leased to William Keeler Hawkes, who ran it as a boy’s school.

William may remain in this house still. The Tas Ghost Hunting Society investigated Franklin House in 2013, and concluded that while they aren’t malevolent, there are definitely spirits residing here. They also reported asking the spirit’s name and hearing a response: “Will.”

Franklin House is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, closing one hour earlier from April to September. It’s also open 12pm to 4pm on Sundays. Tours are self-guided.

Where: 413 Hobart Road, Youngtown, Tasmania

(Lead image: Visit NSW)

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