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HBO Hid Six Iron Thrones Around The World For A ‘Game of Thrones’ Scavenger Hunt

HBO Hid Six Iron Thrones Around The World For A ‘Game of Thrones’ Scavenger Hunt

The Throne of the North, one of the six Iron Thrones HBO have hidden around the world to celebrate the release of 'Game of Thrones' season 8

We really hate to keep reminding you, but everyone’s favourite show, Game of Thrones, is ending soon. HBO is determined to make the finale a spectacle, so to promote the eighth season of the show they’ve hidden six honest-to-god Iron Thrones around the world for power-hungry fans to find.

Six life-sized Iron Thrones have been scattered to the far corners of the world. To help would-be hunters track them down, each throne has a 360-degree video hosted on the official For the Throne website that shows an hour in the life of their final resting places, and there are similar videos showing the thrones at different times of the day on the Game of Thrones YouTube. They’re the only clues HBO are giving out – the rest is up to inquisitive fans.


The thrones are named after places in Westeros that also reflect the climate and aesthetic of their real-life hiding places: Forest, North, Valyria, Joy and Ice.


So far, four thrones have been discovered. The Throne of the North was found in Björkliden, Sweden, the Throne of the Forest was in Puzzlewood, England, the Throne of Valyria was hidden in Beberibe, Brazil and the Throne of Joy was tracked down in Atienza, Spain.

A quick maths check later says that there are two thrones left out there in the world. The Throne of Ice’s video shows it sitting in a snow-covered field, next to an ice-covered river and beneath what looks like a frozen waterfall. There’s some kind of ice sculpture plunged into the ground next to the throne – it looks like a sword, but who knows whether it’s a clue or just a prop. Some fans are convinced that this frozen wasteland is somewhere in Canada.

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The sixth throne is shrouded in even more mystery – it doesn’t have a name or a video at the moment, but no doubt HBO will reveal more information once the Throne of Ice has been found.

There’s just eight days left for the final two thrones to be discovered. Will you win the game of thrones?

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