If You’re Missing The Melbourne Trams, You Can Now Cover Your Face In The Same Fabric

If there’s one strange thing I’m discovering about Melburnians, it’s that they’re oddly proud of the gross fabric used on the seats of their public transport.

You all went off when Melbourne Trams released their tram socks, with the exact same uggo fabric as those seats — and I get it, they kind of rocked in a weird way.


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Well now they’re doing you one better (and also staying very on theme for 2020) by offering face coverings to help you blend right into those seats — or more likely at the moment, just help you bring a little ‘morning commute nostalgia’ to your local area.


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They’re actually offering three face coverings altogether. If the bright green situation of the trams isn’t for you, you can go for the more muted blue tones of Melbourne Trains (which I’m told is a form of transport considered less fondly than the trams), or one that simply tells people around you that “if you can read this you are too close”, as a fun reminder to follow social distancing guidelines and keep your germs to yourselves.

Whichever one you choose, they’re all a one-size fits all neck wrap, rather than a mask. While they’re usually $18, they’re on sale right now for $15.

If you prefer a little less gimmick and a little more fashion with your face coverings, then you’ll be pleased to know we prepared a wrap of face masks with actual style that are being made in Melbourne and Sydney here.

Either way, who says public health and safety can’t also be cool AF?

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