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PSA: This Etsy Store Is Making Matching JimJams For You And Your Dog

PSA: This Etsy Store Is Making Matching JimJams For You And Your Dog

Unless you’re lucky enough to be in one of these Aussie locations that never really experience winter, it’s getting bloody cold now. That means snuggling up by a fireplace with a fluffy robe and hot chocolate.

But what if you and your dog could be curled up in exactly the same bathrobe? Well, you can.

No joke, UK Brand The Posh Paws Company is making comfy matching robes to fit you and your fur baby, made of a mixture of soft and textured fleece.

Selling via Etsy, the ‘owner bathrobe‘ starts from £45 pounds (about $82.50) and the matching dog dressing gown starts from £28 (just over $51). You can even get them embroidered for an extra £1. There are heaps of colour options too so you can both accessorise to truly express yourselves.

It doesn’t stop at robes though, and now I’m screaming. You can also order the same matching silky pyjama set for you and your pooch.

Like this spotty men’s and lady’s bottom and t-shirt pyjama set from £28.99 ($53) with a matching little doggo onesie from £29.99 ($55).

Now yes, they are a UK company but lucky for us, they deliver around the world — you’ll just need to be patient and wait up to three weeks for it to arrive.

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Just picture this: you and your dog on your next road trip, spending the day exploring at a pooch-friendly beach, then spending the night at a holiday rental with a fireplace (also check out these certified dog-friendly gems), all rugged up in your matching jimjams. The absolute dream.

Honestly, I’m not even the person to get all gaga over cute pet stuff, but this absolutely got me. Like, I might even buy a dog now, just to wear matching clothes.

(All images: The Posh Paws Company)

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