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This Japanese Hotspot Has Blessed Us With Mac ‘N’ Cheese Gyoza

This Japanese Hotspot Has Blessed Us With Mac ‘N’ Cheese Gyoza

It’s really hard to beat a plate of Japanese gyoza, whatever the filling. Now the mad geniuses at Australia’s Harajuku Gyoza are shaking up the formula with the new Mac ‘N’ Cheese Gyoza.

From March 5, Harajuku Gyoza is introducing the Sumo Dude Food range at their locations in Sydney and Queensland. These morsels are built for Instagram glory and your hardest hangovers.

The headlining Mac ‘N’ Cheese Gyoza is a deep-fried dumpling filled with Mac ‘N’ Cheese, drizzled with mayo and crunchy, cheesy chips.

The dude food delights continue with the Pepperoni Pizza Gyoza and the Buffalo Chicken Wing Gyoza, served American style with blue cheese sauce and celery sticks.

Photo: Harajuku Gyoza / Supplied

Looking to stay on the cheesy vibe? There’s also a Mozzarella Gyoza (topped with Twisties salt) and a Cheeseburger Gyoza featuring flame-grilled beef, aged cheddar, onion, pickles, mustard and tomato sauce.

Hungry yet? These new creations are going for $10 a serve (five pieces) from March 5.

(Photo: Harajuku Gyoza / Supplied)

Harajuku Gyoza has multiple locations, including its spacious Beer Stadiums in both Sydney’s Darling Harbour and Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

If you’re not a Mac ‘N’ Cheese aficionado, you’ll find plenty to like on the regular menu.

In addition to staples like chicken karaage and grilled pork gyoza, Harajuku Gyoza excels at desserts. You can worship at the hazelnut altar with the Nutella Gyoza, or try the Insta-famous raindrop cake. However you play it, you won’t go hungry.

(Lead Image: Harajuku Gyoza / Supplied) 

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