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Meet The Totally Adorable Kitties At Harajuku’s Mocha Cat Cafe

Meet The Totally Adorable Kitties At Harajuku’s Mocha Cat Cafe

While most of us go weak at the knees at the sight of a fluffy floof, Japan loves a cute animal-related trend just that little bit more than the rest of the world. In Japan you can go to an owl café, a hedgehog cafe and now even a snake café! But it’s the cat café that reigns supreme in Tokyo.

Located just off the neon wonderland of Takeshita Street, Harajuku’s MoCHA Cat Café is the antidote to the sensory overload of the sticker photo booths, colourful fashion boutiques and super-sized waffle shops that this fun corner of Tokyo is known for. At the cat café, feline fans can pay a fee to take a breather in a chic spot with soothing views of Yoyogi Park, access to all-you-can-gulp hot and cold drinks and of course, the company of many cute kitties.

Here are some of the impeccably groomed personalities you’ll find at Harajuku’s cat café:

Tortie green eyes

Probably one of the cutest of all was this sweet little white and tortie kitty cat with stunning green eyes. This cat gravitated towards a young couple on a date, spreading emoji love heart vibes all round.


This striking green-hued beauty was the centre of attention, bounding from one side of the room to the other. There was tackling, snooping around in bags and general cheekiness.

Ginger fluffball

On the other end of the spectrum, this ginger and white puffball did absolutely nothing but stretch out on the carpet while receiving copious amounts of love from teenage girls who cooed the word ‘kawaii’ over and over.

David Bowie

With one blue eye and one brown eye, let’s just call this cool cat David Bowie. Ever the individual, this kitty was having nothing to do with the rest of the cat crew. Hanging out by the window, David Bowie watched birds fly high up above, ignoring the other cats and all offers of attention. Just like the ever-stylish Thin White Duke himself, this cat was happy doing his own thing.

Grumpy cat 2.0

Taking things to a whole new level of not giving a damn, this cat was really unimpressed with all offers of affection, attention and love. Sitting right in the middle of the café, this commanding kitty gave serious side-eye to all the adoring fans lining up to worship its adorably grumpy face.

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Blue-eyed fluffy

This fluffy, blue-eyed handsome specimen liked to lurk and watch the action from afar. Super soft to touch, this ridiculously good looking feline shattered the hearts of café patrons left, right and centre. No one was immune to the charms of this looker.

Rest assured, the cats in this particular cat café seemed incredibly well taken care of. The staff were very tender and kind, the crowd numbers were controlled, and there were plenty of hidey holes for the cats to take refuge from their adoring fans if they felt like it. This guy was obviously done with people trying to feed him cat lollipops and rub his striking striped fur, so he hung out up top.

All photos: Jo Stewart

*Not real names.

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