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This Tokyo Cafe Is Everything That Is Great About Japan

This Tokyo Cafe Is Everything That Is Great About Japan

Japan’s newest concept restaurant might just blow all of its predecessors out of the water – say hello to the kookiest and coolest cafe in Harajuku, the Kawaii Monster Cafe.


The colourful and crazy mecca of trendy, Tokyo’s Harajuku is the main inspiration behind the cafe – the website states the cafe is “like a monster that swallows everything in its path and keeps expanding,” with the cafe reflecting all the zany culture the monster can collect from the over-the-top city.

You’ll feel like you’ve been eaten up by the bunny from Alice in Wonderland and spat out into a colourful, psychedelic dream land where everything is bright in colour and loud in flavour.


The restaurant has been divided into different sections, each with their own theme. There’s the Mushroom Disco, complete with rainbow seating and giant mushroom umbrellas, the pastel Mel-Tea Room which is filled with macaroons and peachy decor, the Milk Stand where a giant bunny drinks from a baby’s bottle, and the Bar Experiment, a bar decked out with giant jellyfish, light up drink coasters and neon lights.


This place has everything – cartoon unicorns, over-the-top chandeliers, monsters wielding ipads where you can order food and drink, a giant pink perspex cake in the centre of the restaurant and loads and loads of multi-coloured extras. There’s not a dull room in the house – even the bathroom is covered in rainbow tiles and coloured bench tops.


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Then there’s the food and drinks – your sweet tooth will probably go into overdrive. There’s rainbow coloured pasta, a colourful parfait, and crazy drinks up the wazoo. Waitresses even serve you these delectable treats dressed in equally as colourful outfits.

It’s all so wonderful, you’ll be vomiting rainbows for the rest of the week.

(h/t SBS, All images: Kawaii Monster Cafe/Facebook)

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