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Where To Find The Best Bowls Of Mac ‘N’ Cheese In Melbourne

Where To Find The Best Bowls Of Mac ‘N’ Cheese In Melbourne

While the instructions on the side of Kraft’s Mac N Cheese may have been the first recipe you followed without help, the contents have come a long way from your go-to during a hangover. You can order it at gourmet restaurants now. Heck, you can drink it with champagne. (No doubt to the chagrin of your parents when they take you out for dinner.) If you’re keen to become a connoisseur in the cheesy delicatessen, look no further than what Melbourne has to offer in these eight eateries.

#1 The Gem Bar & Dining

Where: 289 Wellington Street, Collingwood

(Photo: The Gem/Facebook)

If you haven’t supped at the Gem: shame, shame, shame. Even after you’ve stuffed yourself silly with Texan-style BBQ, undone your top button and are no longer able to sit up straight, you’ll still be spooning The Gem’s creamy mac n cheese onto your plate. With its bacon crumb top, it’s the perfect side to offset a set of ribs or pulled pork burger. The Gem itself is the definition of cosy with the wooden attire of a saloon and smoky flavours from the kitchen thanks to a woodfire oven fuelled with ironbark, cherry wood and mesquite. Your cheeks are probably flushed even thinking about it.

#2 Meatmaiden

Where: 195 Little Collins Street, CBD

(Photo: Meatmother/Flickr)

While we normally wouldn’t encourage you to descend into a basement where axes line the walls, where mac n cheese is concerned you need to be prepared to make exceptions. Meatmaiden are serious about their meat, and that’s great and all, but we’re serious about their lobster mac n cheese. One Yelp reviewer likened its parmesan and breadcrumb top to cracking like a perfect crème brulee. Talk about fine dining.

#3 Easey’s

Where: 3/48 Easey Street, Collingwood

A photo posted by Easey’s (@easeys) on

With train carriages overhanging Easey’s fifth story looking like the abandoned set off an action movie from the street, you won’t need much else to entice you indoors. But one of Easey’s newest additions to the menu might be enough to distract you from the fact you’re eating in a graffitied train carriage in the sky. With the help of Jimmy’s Burgers, soon you’ll be able to indulge in a seven cheese (SEVEN) and stout mac n cheese.

#4 Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Where: 87 Bourke Street, CBD

Don’t be fooled. It may look like Grand Trailer Park Taverna only serves burgers, spiked milkshakes and booze but as a wise baboon once said, “Look harder.” Yep, that’s a mac n cheese croquette smooshed in next to that pattie of the Francis Underwood. The connection to the fictional politician is a little unclear aside from the American cheddar and mustard, and his penchant for questionably healthy grub, but we’re sold. We can see Freddy listing this on the menu for his rib joint.

#5 Milk The Cow

Where: 1/157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda & 323 Lygon Street, Carlton

(Photo: Milk The Cow/Facebook)

Homebrand tasty cheese may be okay for your pasta bake, but imagine the mouthwatering potential of a fancier cheese melting over your carbs. Fromagers Milk The Cow have made those brain waves a reality with their version of mac n cheese, transforming it into a dish event the snobbiest of eaters couldn’t turn their nose up at. The De Lasanis – that’s the Hyacinth Bucket translation of mac n cheese – includes Gruyere Vieux and Marcel Petit Comte cheeses, truffle oil and Courvoisier VS cognac. You’re guaranteed to have some wacky cheese dreams after that. You also probably shouldn’t operate heavy machinery.

#6 Third Wave Cafe

Where: 1/189 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne & 30 Cato Street, Prahran

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(Photo: Third Wave Cafe/Facebook)

The Prahran location offers a paleo section to their menu these days but if you’re keen to embrace the modern advances in wheat technology, the mac n cheese is the dish for you. Topped with crispy smoky bacon pieces, Third Wave’s knowledge in barbecued meats is a distinct advantage to your taste buds.

#7 Lazerpig

Where: 9-11 Peel Street, Collingwood

(Photo: Lazerpig/Facebook)

Lazerpig’s décor is a mix of stereotypical French restaurant with its red and white checked tablecloths and romantic candles mixed with pizza bar and disco. While waiting for your Broc Steady pizza, order some bite-sized mac n cheese croquettes paired with a basil pesto dipping sauce. But maybe order a few serves so the atmosphere doesn’t turn chilly when deciding who gets the last one.

#8 Rockpool, Southbank

Where: Crown Casino, 8 Whiteman Street, Crown Towers Melbourne, Southbank

With caviar dishes going for more than 250 bucks, you’ll be pleased to know you can go a bit more low brow at Rockpool with their mac n cheese. Rockpool’s commitment to the best produce and finest food experience means this isn’t any ordinary macaroni or cheese. In the cheesy mix is speck – made from pork leg and similar to prosciutto. This is the restaurant where you should order that champagne.

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