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An Exhibition On Tokyo’s Famous Street Style Is Coming To Australia

An Exhibition On Tokyo’s Famous Street Style Is Coming To Australia

Tokyo — Japan’s bustling and bright capital city — is as wonderfully eclectic as it gets.

And, for 20 years, FRUiTS magazine made it their mission to document the fashion trends that made it so. Lead by photographer Shoichi Aoki, FRUiTS captured the colourful clothing, the neo-goths, the cyber-punks and the unbearably cute kawaii that captivated young people in the Harajuku district and beyond.

2-Courtesy of Shoichi Aoki, FRUiTS magazine

Now, with Western trends influencing fashion in Japan and the rise of minimalism, people are moving away from the iconic styles FRUiTS covered. As such, this year the magazine closed its doors for good, leaving behind a strong, cult-like legacy and a generation of young people who used fashion as a means of expression.

4-Courtesy of Shoichi Aoki, FRUiTS magazine

To celebrate 20 years of street style and a goodbye to the golden era of Tokyo street fashion, Shoichi Aoki is bringing his collection of photographs to Australia. Opening on August 4, the Tokyo FRUiTS exhibition will run through the rise and fall of the trends and styles that influenced the iconic sub-cultures and forms of expression.

3-Courtesy of Shoichi Aoki, FRUiTS magazine

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There’ll also be a bunch of talks on the significance of Harajuku Kawaii fashion communities and male aesthetics in contemporary Japanese culture. You can see the schedule here.

The exhibition will be running at The Japan Foundation at Central Park on Broadway in Sydney until September 16.

(All images: Shoichi Aoki)

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