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There’s A Nap Cafe Open In Japan Right Now

There’s A Nap Cafe Open In Japan Right Now

We write a lot about all the very cool social innovations in Japan. Food, accommodation, travel, even vending machines are on a whole other level over there. And now, Japan’s come up with one of the best social innovations of all: a nap cafe.

Located in Nescafe’s Harajuku branch, the pop-up nap cafe is a venture in association with the coffee company and luxury bed makers France Bed. Visitors need to order an item off the cafe’s menu to enjoy the experience, which seems like a pretty good deal because the food looks really delicious.

After enjoying your food and a complimentary cup of steamy decaf, you’re able to take a snooze in one of the luxury beds valued at over AUD$10,000. You can control the lighting with your smart phone and drift off to the soothing tunes of slumber-inducing music. Of course, when you wake up you’ll be handed a caffeinated coffee to refresh you and set you up for the rest of your day.

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The cafe set up shop last week and is only open until March 25 so if you’re in Tokyo right now, you might want to snatch up the opportunity. For the rest of us, we can only dream about the perfect experience.

(Lead image: mio_com/Instagram)

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