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Kmart’s Releasing A Fancy-Ass Outdoor Dining Range And It’s Just As Good As You’d Expect

Kmart’s Releasing A Fancy-Ass Outdoor Dining Range And It’s Just As Good As You’d Expect

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Kmart and it’s ability to allow me to be bougie on a low budget — particularly now I’m in the process of moving into my own place (read: goodbye share houses, hello to decorating the way I want).

You didn’t really need to know that about me, but it does explain why it’s particularly good timing for Kmart to release 17 brand spanking new outdoor furniture pieces to its growing online exclusive range.

Single Lounge $99, Coastal Coffee Table $39, Coastal Double Lounge $189, Market Umbrella 2.5m Natural $49, Umbrella Stand $39

“The online exclusives range has allowed us to stock large furniture pieces essential for our customers’ homes that are on-trend, affordable and easily assembled,” says Callum Smith, Kmart’s General Manager for General Merchandise.

Hitting shelves from tomorrow, October 14, the new stylish outdoor ‘Coastal Series’ includes a dining table for $149, a two-piece dining chair set for $99, a cute bench seat for $79 and, my personal favourites, lounge chairs at just $99 for a single seat and $189 for a two seater.

Dining Table $149, Coastal Chairs set of 2 $99

If you’ve ever wanted an egg chair — and chances are very high that you have if you ever spent time in the 90s — now’s your chance, with a Woven Egg Chair for $249. You can also keep the whole thing sun smart with a large Market Umbrella for $49, in both a grey or natural colour.

Egg Chair $249

I have no idea if I will even HAVE an outdoor area in my new home that I haven’t found yet, but by golly I’m tempted to stockpile a few pieces of furniture just in case.

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Hopefully you’re a little more sensible than me and actually know you have a genuine need of these fab pieces, so you should head here to the website from tomorrow. Happy decorating.

(All Images: Provided / Kmart)

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