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The Outback Is Home To Australia’s Own Version Of Roswell

The Outback Is Home To Australia’s Own Version Of Roswell

If science fiction films are anything to go by, UFO sightings often happen in quiet, unassuming towns. Wycliffe Well, a modest town along Stuart Highway in the NT, certainly meets the criteria.

Located in the middle of the Outback, this small settlement is mostly visited as a stopover between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek – but apparently it’s been a stopover for alien life as well. (*Cue X-Files theme song*).

(Photo: Tony Bowden/Flickr)

Wycliffe Well is recognised as one of the major UFO hotspots in the world, alongside Roswell in the US and Bonnybridge in Scotland. Apparently there have been continuous sighting of unidentified objects over the years, with some dating back to World War II.

The town is visited by UFOs so often, it’d be pretty nuts if you didn’t see something. As the Wycliffe Well website puts it, “sightings are so common, that if you stayed up all night looking you would be considered unlucky not to see anything.” Those are some pretty big odds!

(Photo: Andy Tyler/Flickr)

Wycliffe Well functions more or less as an amusement park, with a campground, children’s playground, indoor pool and a cafe with international beer on tap. The entire space is adored with alien figures, newspaper clippings and big bright signs.

Wycliffe Well II
(Photo: Ulmann Patrik/Flickr)

Skeptic or not, this place does a pretty great job at convincing you that aliens do in fact exist – you’ve just got to see it to believe it.

(Lead image: Tony Bowden/Flickr)

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