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Forget Eggs: An NZ Ice-Creamery Has Created A Hot-Crossed Bun Ice Cream Cone

Forget Eggs: An NZ Ice-Creamery Has Created A Hot-Crossed Bun Ice Cream Cone

Hot-Crossed Bun

When it comes to Easter treats, choccy eggs and the humble hot-crossed bun pretty much have things covered. But one ambitious ice-creamery in New Zealand has decided to mix things and, honestly, we’re not sure if we’re worthy.

Yep, Auckland’s Giapo Kitchen – the same crew who created gloriously weird squid-shaped ice cream cones – will be slinging tasty hot-crossed bun ice cream cones this long weekend.

Here’s how it works: it’s part cone, part traditional bun. The bun – which is served warm – is sliced in half with the bottom part fitting nicely around the top of the waffle cone.

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Then, your favourite scoop is dropped in, the bun’s lid is propped back on top and finished with a candied orange-peel garnish.

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The reason they taste so dang good is all in the bun. Before baking, the raisins are soaked in orange juice to stay nice and moist after baking, and the dough features a bunch of delicious spices like cinnamon and cloves.

Alright Giapo, we’re sold. BRB, booking flights to NZ!

How To Get There

  • Fly into Auckland Airport
  • Take the SKY service towards Auckland to Customs Street
  • Walk 170m towards Commerce Street
  • Giapo Kitchen, 12 Gore Street, Auckland

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(Lead image courtesy of Giapo Kitchen)

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