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7 Whacky Hot Cross Bun Flavours We Need To Try Immediately

7 Whacky Hot Cross Bun Flavours We Need To Try Immediately

Is it just me, or have hot cross buns been turned up to 11 this year? From custard fillings to dumplings: I feel like every day I’m inundated with a crazy new flavour, and I’m not mad about it.

In fact, I’m so not mad about, that I’ve decided to share my favourite ones on offer around the country this Easter. They’re all specials for the season only though, so get in quick. Yes, I know, I’m a modern-day hero.

If you happen to still be hoping for a trip away over the long weekend (on which to devour all these buns, of course) Then have a gander at our picks for NSW and VIC.

Bon appétit!

#1 Hot Cross Bun Vanilla Slice


Excuse me, did someone just combine two of my favourite things into one? Yes, they did. The catch is, it’s a recipe from, so you’ll have to get into the kitchen yourself. However, you only have to make the custard then slather it in the middle of a pre-made bun.

#2 Messina’s Hot Cross Bun Snail

Image: Messina

Messina, gods of dessert, have released their own gooey Easter treat: the Hot Cross Bun Snail. Prepare for a coil of hot cross bun dough filled with milk chocolate gelato and house-made chocolate, topped with a white chocolate mousse. They’re selling fast so nab yours here immediately, if not sooner.

#3 Hot Cross Bao

Image: Din Tai Fung

Yes, you read that right. Melbourne/ Sydney’s famous Taiwanese noodle chain, Din Tai Fung, has created a Hot Cross Bao for Easter. They look just like the traditional bun, but they’re made with steamed bread and filled with chocolate.

#4 Cannoli Hot Cross Buns

Image: Cannoleria

Cannolis are delicious, so are hot cross buns. So I applaud Cannoleria for putting the two things together and filling traditional buns with their signature Sicilian ricotta. You can buy them individually, or in a DIY kit to make six for yourself.

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#5 Hot Cross Croissant

Image: Banksia Bakehouse

Off the back of their whacky but delicious CramingtonBanksia Bakehouse has released the cube-shaped Hot Cross Croissant. Crafted from croissant dough, the crispy outer pastry shell features the classic cross, and the middle is filled with cinnamon crème patisserie and sultanas.

#6 BBQ Pork Hot Cross Buns

Image: Lotus Dining Group

If you like Easter traditions but prefer savoury flavours, Sydney’s Lotus Dining Group have cooked up a BBQ pork version of the hot cross bun. It’s basically a regular pork bun, but all wrapped up in a festive coating. You can grab them from Chi by Lotus, Lotus Double Bay, The Gardens by Lotus, Madame Shanghai and Lotus The Galeries.

#7 Hot Cross Bites

Image: Koko Black

If hot cross buns are a bit bready for you, cut out the middle man and just go for Koko Black’s Hot Cross Bites. This container of raisins is all individually double-coated with cinnamon and spice white chocolate. There are plenty of other options from these guys if you’re looking for an egg haul too.

(Lead image: Lotus Dining Group /

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