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Big W Is Selling Easter Bunny Costumes For Your Pet, Which Might Even Be Better Than Chocolate

Big W Is Selling Easter Bunny Costumes For Your Pet, Which Might Even Be Better Than Chocolate

Poodle x Bichon Frise wearing a pink and white easter dog costumes

As someone who went through the ordeal of looking after two rabbits, I can unequivocally say that dogs and cats are superior pets. So I am all for doing away with the Easter bunny this year in favour of a pooch in a costume.

With Easter just two weeks away, there is only one thing better than eating as many toasted hot cross buns with butter as you can – eating them while your pet is dressed in an adorable bunny costume. And Big W have just dropped a new Easter range to make the whole thing a no brainer.

You can slap on some bunny ears or opt for a full bunny suit, with Easter dog costumes capping at $12. Toys and things like Easter-themed bandanas start from $5.

Please note that the bunny ears are adorned with a cute baby carrot and the result is an extremely adorable photo op. But to be fair, any of the outfits justify a pet obsession.

Two dogs wearing easter pet costumes
You’re welcome.

There are multiple sizes and options in the range, so if your furry mate is of the feline variety, they’re covered too. Just ignore the ‘dog’ part of the description, we’re not into labels here.

The range includes:

Meanwhile, the ‘Easter’ section of the Big W site is full of other goodies, even if you don’t have pets.

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Bake some biccies with these Easter cookie cutouts and decorate your table for Easter feasting with a fun centrepiece using this clever faux grass table runner or shredded tissue – just place some toy bunnies and whack a few of these decorative carrots and egg nests throughout its blades. They’ve even got fam jams, so you can all wear the same outfits.

The Easter dog costumes and full Easter range is available in-store and online now.

(Lead image: @winniethepoochon_ / Instagram)

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